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Grauwelt: A Dark Young Adult Fantasy Series by Victor Salinas.

Grauwelt Books

Grauwelt is a dark young adult fantasy series by author Victor Salinas.

It’s pure evil…



Grauwelt, Dark Young Adult Fantasy

Grauwelt is a realm caught between good and evil. Between the Ærth and Hel.

It is a place of terror. Of misery. And most of all, strangeness.

The Grauwelt was long ago cut off from the other worlds of creation. It was left alone to stagnate… to die. This isolation led to the rise of a powerful and monstrous species known as the Löwa.

Their Hundish Realm now spans nearly the entire known world. They’ve eradicated “lesser species” to make room for their blighted settlements. They’ve enslaved many. Destroyed much. And continue to wage their wars in ceaseless waves of slaughter.

It is only a matter of time until everything comes under their total dominion.

It would have been so long ago… were it not for the Löwa’s most hated enemy.

Mannkind. A species from a distant world that came to challenge the power of the Hundish Race.

Start Your Journey Today

Delve right into the Grauwelt by reading the first installment of the Grauwelt dark young adult book series.

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Take the first step into a world darker than your own heart…

Grauwelt is a dark young adult fantasy series guaranteed to open your eyes to the horror lurking inside every living mind…

Even inside you.

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